Simple 5 Upgrades to make your Laptop run better!

TOP 5 upgrades to improve LAPTOP's speed

WAIT!, before throwing out your old working laptop in the trash or recycling bin,

consider these simple upgrades that can improve the performance of your laptop, and extend it’s lifespan.

Replace HDD with SSD - This is by far the most popular upgrade because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Some of the fastest Hard disk’s, like (Seagate’s® BarraCuda® 2.5-inch HDDs @ 5400 RPM) have a 140 Mb/s transfer speed, while even slower SATA SSD’s gets a transfer rate of 550 Mb/s which is approximately 4 times faster. This makes a huge difference in OS boot times and application performance.


RAM Upgrade - There are two types of upgrades you can do for the RAM of your system, one is simply increasing the capacity and the other is regarding the speed (or frequency) of your memory. Usually, additional RAM will provide a greater performance increase than faster frequency memory.

RAM - Samsung DDR3 RAM      

       Crucial DDR4 RAM      

Wifi upgrade - A lot of old laptops have a slower version of WIFI standards, like 802.11n or 802.11 ac. Not only are the newer standards faster but they’re also more secure. If your laptop is limited by these old wifi modules, you can either upgrade the WIFI card or better yet, use an external USB Wifi connector. This will give a noticeable boost to the WIFI speed and because of the external antenna, also offer a more stable connection.

WiFi - NETGEAR AC1900 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter    

IOgear Ethernet to Wifi    

Fan upgrade - While this may not technically be an upgrade in the traditional sense, changing the fan and the thermal paste can have a benefit especially if the fan and compound haven’t been replaced since the laptop was purchased. Even if you don’t want to replace the whole fan, just changing the compound and cleaning the existing fan will help keep the CPU cooler than before, and likely decrease the overall noise of your laptop.

Cooling - Kryonaut Thermal Paste    

Battery upgrade - Some older laptops come with removable batteries, a feature that is much less commonplace now. If your laptop has a lower capacity rated battery, then it might be worth upgrading to a higher capacity battery.

Check the video for detailed instructions and performance testing details -